Objective of the Game

The object of the game is for the drunk driver to successfully finish a round.

General Game Play

The dealer will hand out six cards face down in a line in front of the drunk driver. The driver will flip over each starting from left to right. If the drunk driver flips a face card they will be penalized in line with the “Special Card” rules below as well as drink. If the drunk driver flips a non face card they move on to the next card with no penalty. Once the drunk driver clears all the cards in the line the drunk driver has finished the round and that role moves to the next player clockwise.

Roles in the Game

Dealer This player deals out the cards until the drunk driver completes their round.

Drunk Driver This player will be flipping the cards for drinks until they complete the round.

Special Game Cards

Jack Card (All Suites)

+1 Card

Jack Card (All Suits)

The driver is dealt one additional card and takes one drink.

Queen Card (All Suites)

+2 Cards

Queen Card (All Suits)

The driver is dealt two additional cards and takes two drinks.

King Card (All Suites)

+3 Cards

King Card (All Suits)

The driver is dealt three additional cards and takes three drinks.

Ace Card (All Suites)

+4 Cards

Ace Card (All Suits)

The driver is dealt four additional cards and takes four drinks.

History of the Card Game

The game of Drunk Driver has become the a popular card based college drinking game. This game is also known as Ride the Bust.